Water Damage Long Island

Water Damage – What is It?

Water damage means a large number of losses caused by water that managed to get inside a building or a room. The constant exposure to water is hazardous enough to damage flooring and wall material, as well as electrical and heating systems. Some of the hazardous effects of too much water exposure includes the rotting of wood, the growth of fungus on cement, plywood and vinyl de-lamination, and others.

What Causes Water Damage?

Water damage can originate from leaking pipes, broken dishwasher hose, overflow coming from washing machines while doing the laundry, dishwasher leakage, a leaking roof, clogged toilet, and anything that spills or introduces water to a hard surface in your home. Meanwhile, insurance claims may cover water damage, provided that it is caused by bad weather.

Water Damage Long Island

Because Long Island, New York is an island located just off the northeast coast of the United States, most of the houses there are constantly exposed to water and rain. It also doesn’t help that when cyclones arrive near New York, one of the first places that get hit all the time happens to be Long Island, New York. Given the case, it is very important to have your homes inspected for water damage, if in case you’re not able to identify water damage at a glance.

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The Categories of Water Damage



Water Damage is divided into three categories. The reason for this is to help you in getting your insurance claims from your insurance company. Also, learning about the following can help anyone in deciding for water damage insurance policy from different insurance agents:

Category 1 Water – This means clean water and it does not pose any threat to humans. Examples of Category 1 Water damage includes broken drinking water supply pipes and lines, tub or sink overflows, and/or appliance malfunctions that involve your home water supply line.

Category 2 Water – Category 2 means water that has a good amount of biological, physical, and chemical contaminants that can cause diseases or discomfort when ingested or even with simple exposure. It is also known as “Grey Water”. Examples are toilet bowls with urine, seepage because of hydrostatic failure, and water discharge coming from washing machines and/or dishwashers.

Category 3 Water – Known as “Black Water”, this type of water is extremely unsanitary and needs to be removed as soon as possible. Category 3 water is filled with harmful fungi and bacteria and constant exposure to humans can lead to serious illnesses and even death. Examples of “Black Water” are sewage water, sea water, and rising waters coming from nearby streams and/or rivers.

The handling and cleaning of Category 3 water should be done by professional flood cleaners.

Can Water Damage be fixed?

Fortunately, yes. Call a professional water damage company that can help remove water damages from any part of your house with no problem at all. Give us a call today for all water damage removal issues in Long Island, New York.

Mold Remediation in Long Island

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