The Importance of Water Mitigation Services

FEMA Hazard Mitigation works with Nashville TN Metro Water ServiWater mitigation is a process of preventing or reducing the amount of damage caused by water after a permeating leak or flood. It is a very important process that is undertaken after water caused by a storm or plumber failure rushes into homes and causes damage to walls, flooring, carpets and rugs, furniture, etc. The process however, is quite demanding, and involves specific steps to minimize the risk of damaging property, keep the damage caused by water at minimum, and restore the full value of the property.

When Should You Call for Water Mitigation Service

Damages caused by seeping water is both pervasive and progressive, it can really wreak havoc to anyone’s home and cause serious damage to valuable fixtures and objects. What makes it worse is that, often times, these damages are irreversible, especially if mitigation takes more than 48 hours to respond. Thus, it is very important that you seek for water mitigation help as soon as you see signs of water damages in your property.

Things You Can Do Before Help Arrives

You may not be able to help in water mitigation, as it’s a sophisticated process that only experts can execute. But, there are things you can do to minimize damages to your property before help arrives. Here are some tips:


  • Close your main water source or shut-off any water sources to stop the flooding.
  • Shutdown your electric breaker before you unplug appliances or remove electrical devices from submerged areas or wet carpet.
  • Keep water from permanently staining your furniture and wooden fixture by putting aluminum foil under the feet of your furniture that is in contact with water or wet carpet.
  • Take the curtains and draperies away from water or wet carpet.
  • Remove fabrics, shoes, books, papers, potted plants or any object that can cause stain to your carpet when wet.


  • Never use your vacuum when wet. It can damage the equipment permanently and worse, can result to electrical shock.
  • Never put newspapers in traffic area to walk on. The ink on these pages easily transfers to carpet fibers when wet, which causes to permanent stains.
  • Avoid walking on your carpet as much as possible. This is to minimize the spread of the affected area.

Call for Water Mitigation Service As Soon As Possible

Companies that only use shop vacuums and carpet dryers will never solve damages caused byFEMA_-_285_-_Hazard_Mitigation_-_raised_water_heater water leakages in your home. Water slips through almost anything, from floor coverings to subfloors, which will eventually result to damages to your rooms. Simple drying equipment can’t keep water from wicking up your walls, baseboards, moldings and still plates.

For commercial establishments and buildings, internal humidity must be controlled as soon as possible, or it can cause serious damages to objects that are originally safe from flood damage, as they can absorb moisture from the air. Establishments that are not dried out properly will become a haven for mold, which will result to bigger problem and will need the services of mold removal professionals.

How Professional Water Mitigation Services Can Help

Professional water mitigation companies like us are well-equipped and well-trained to perform flood damage restoration. We know exactly how to dry out structures of surfaces and materials, completely and as quickly as possible with the help of specialized equipment. Call us today to get your life back to normal: (646) 593-7692 or toll free 1-855-692-7303.