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Flood cleanup is the process of removing or taking out flood water from your house or establishment. This usually occurs in your basement, that is why this process also involves basement waterproofing in New Jersey areas that are often always hit by flood. Flood water can become contaminated when not disposed of properly. Also, it can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and molds. Most flood water is mixed up with mud, so failure to remove the flood water after a flood can cause the mud to harden and is a real pain to clean out afterwards.

You can opt to do the flood cleanup on your own. However, due to the nature of such a task, most people find it easier to hire flood cleanup companies instead.

Typical Flood Damages

When your house floods, the force of the muddy water can destroy key structures inside your home. When that happens, you’ll need to inspect and check the damage in your home. Depending on the nature of the calamity, any part of the house located in the ground floor is usually where most of the damage is located. It could be the kitchen, dining room, living room, and bath room (if your house has multiple bathrooms).

Process of Flood Cleanup Service


When you have determined the parts of the house that needs clean up, here’s what you need to do:

  • Contact your insurance agent. If your house insurance covers damage done by acts of nature (floods, earthquakes, etc), then your agent will contact an adjuster. The adjuster will then contact you and will help you file for an insurance claim. Take pictures and important notes regarding the damage sustained by your house.
  • Before you start cleaning up, remember to turn down the electrical system in your home. This is very important, especially if you have a back-up power system in your home. While most electric companies would shut down operations before, during and after the flood, you should go ahead and inspect for loose wires and cables. If you find a live electrical wire in the damaged part of your home, do not touch it. Call your electric company right away.
  • Call flood cleanup services right away to clean up the dirt and water pooling up in your home. Shovel out as much mud as you possibly can. When the mud has dried or if there’s too much mud in your home, then use a garden sprayer to moisten and wash away the mud from hard surfaces.
  • Clean and disinfect every surface of the affected area in your house. We can’t stress enough the importance of disinfecting your home because garbage and sewage have most likely entered your home when the water rushed in. Scrub the surfaces with hot water and a heavy duty cleaner. After cleaning the hard surface, disinfect with a solution of ¼ cup of chlorine bleach per gallon of water. You can also use any disinfectant available in your house.
  • While the flood cleanup company is busy clearing up the mud and the water, remember to let them check your sewage system, heating and cooling systems, and roof damage. These guys have all the right tools and the experience to assess the damage done by the flood. You can also use their report for insurance claims later on.

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